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New! MCO The SkyKing Chronicles Out Now!

The SkyKing Chronicles is now available to stream on SoundCloud

In his first ever release, McO-the-SkyKing came through with the funkiness! This five song EP features the Monolithic Creator rapping over various EDM/Trance tracks. In his opening song, Everybody Dies in the Sky, Olum delivers an extremely personal verse and let's us know he's not messing around when his hook hits "Energy that I need, know I need to cope, while you fake n*ggas worry about being woke. while you fake n*ggas worry about being woke; Another black life lost in the damn streets, feel the energy floating all around me" In the tape's interlude, a remix of Astral Magus by A.P. Laurenson, MCO is able to really piece together the entire SkyKing Chronicles concept in just a simple refrain. This is apparent when you hear the end of the final track, Infinite Air. In the closing minute of the song the beat fades and we hear a voice speaking of what it must like to be an angel stuck in the body of a human. His talk of death and eternity are tossed intermittently throughout MCO's raps. Be on the lookout for more projects from MCO and of course more from Tree City.

You can download The SkyKing Chronicles here or stream vis SoundCloud.


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